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What We Do

We are a team of professional tourism and education providers in Leura, a beautiful town in the Blue Mountains National Park and an attraction for tourists from every part of the world. The secluded 32-acre premises of Sinofield Edu-Retreat form an ideal learning and resting Xanadu.

Starting out as a Chinese language and cultural centre in 2014, our focus has been providing authentic experiences to both the local community and visitors to the Blue Mountains region. Over the past few years, we have developed our own unique concept of “Education Tourism”.

Today, we proudly present various cultural programs, as well as newly renovated accommodation to the local community. An oriental interior décor style has been embraced to highlight Chinese heritage, additionally we whole-heartedly embrace local and indigenous culture.

Nestled in natural bushland, Sinofield is a meeting point for old and new, East and West.

Located on the site of an creative arts school, rooms have been updated with modern fixtures without compromising the charming rural exterior. Chinese rock gardens and slender bamboo plantings contrast against a backdrop of banksia and eucalypt.

What We Offer


Welcome to Sinofield Edu-Retreat! We offer luxuriously appointed rooms and a stunning outdoor breakfast area. Unwind with our Tai Chi classes or enjoy a game on our football field or basketball court.

EDU-Retreat Program

Our Education programs are the foundation of our organisation. We provide engaging and informative classes and customise our programs to suit each client’s individual needs.

Corporate Training

Sinofield EDU-Retreat is a conference venue located on 32 acres of bushland in the picturesque Blue Mountains. Our Centre is an ideal all-in-one conference, training and accommodation facility.

BMHE Chinese Culture Day


Wuxi Xiehe International School Blue Mountains Grammar School Tour


Blue Mountains Chinese Culture Easter Holiday Camp on15-17 April 2019,3 days package...


Blue Mountains Chinese Culture Easter Holiday Camp on 22-26 April 2019, 5 days package...


Looking for child friendly accommodation in the Blue Mountains? We have the right room for you


Breakfast Area Opening Soon

Our breakfast area will be opening soon.

The Chinese tea ceremony is an elegant art form, a ritual and a process that illustrates the Chinese philosophies of calmness, peace and friendship.


Learn traditional Chinese recipes and make your favourite Chinese food.


Learn how traditional Chinese instruments are made and try some of them in the classroom.


Learn the basic techniques as we guide you step by step to create your own magnificent Chinese ink painting.


Learn how the traditional techniques for making and using brushes and ink. You will leave this class knowing how to use an ancient technique to make a beautiful keepsake.


Learn to play Chinese chess and compare the cultures of East and West.


Learn the basic positions and movements of this graceful traditional exercise. Come to understand the origin and theory of Taiji, and how this martial art became a popular activity for health and wellbeing.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers immersive learning about the Chinese culture and facilitate cross-cultural integration by offering unique cultural experiences to local students, residents and overseas visitors of the Blue Mountains region. In addition, we also want to complete your Chinese journey with a pleasant dining experience at our restaurant and a relaxing night at our hotel.

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Vision Statement

Sinofield is an organisation committed to offering a cross-cultural exchange by providing authentic experiences to local students, residents and overseas visitors to the Blue Mountains region. Our vision is to inspire curiosity in other cultures and foster integration of Chinese communities in Australia.

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