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Blue Mountain Holiday Camp -5 Days

Blue Mountains Chinese Culture Easter Holiday Camp 22-26 April 2019

Chinese Culture Holiday Camp was designed by Sinofield Edu-Retreat to entertain and educate participants on Chinese Culture.

The centre is located in the quiet and picturesque natural bushland of the Blue Mountains. The program is designed to create a relaxing and enjoyable learning environment for students to develop Chinese language and cultural awareness

During the camp, participants will have opportunities to participate in Chinese cultural activities, such as art, music, cooking, martial arts and more. There will also be bushwalking and stargazing to enjoy the beauty of this world heritage landscape. Sinofield aims to provide an interesting and rewarding learning experience for all children

Day 1

1000-1200 Child drop off1000-1200 Child drop offSettle into accommodation

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1400 Meet and get to know Sinofield staff Tea ceremony

1400-1730 Chinese Chess and Kong Zhu

1730-1830 Dinner

1830-2000 Campfire, make damper, Billy tea and tasty “Aussie” campfire desserts. Stargazing and story telling

Day 2

0730-0900 Martial Arts & breakfast

0900-1000 Aboriginal smoke ceremony and cultural activities

1000-1100 Chinese music1100-1130

Recess1130-1300 Food making - dumpling

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1600 Hand Craft/Calligraphy

1600-1730 Out-door exploration, bush walking

1730- 1830 Dinner

1830-1930 Indoor games; learn a Chinese song.

Day 3

0730-0900 Martial Arts & breakfast

0900-1100 Hand Craft

1100-1130 Recess

1130-1300 Food making – Tangyuan

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1500 Paper cutting

1600-1730 Out-door exploration

1730- BBQ Chinese story telling

Day 4

0730-0900 Martial Arts and Breakfast

0900-1100 Chinese Poetry and Chinese Music

1100-1130 Recess

1130-1300 Food making – Bao Zongzi

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1500 Bracelet making

1500-1730 Out-door exploration

Day 5

0730-0900 Martial Arts and Breakfast

0900-1100 Chinese Pottery Design

1100-1130 Recess

1130-1300 Dragon Dance

1300-1400 Party Lunch (Parents welcome)

1400-1600 Departure after lunch

Cost: $945 incl. GST

Activities may be subject to change

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