Function & Activity Areas

A wonderful array of rooms are available.  From large function rooms, to small classrooms and outdoor areas, Sinofield can accommodate meetings, boardroom gatherings, small conferences, brainstorm sessions, crafts and educational activities, therapeutic training, outdoor activities and so much more.

Plenty of Rooms

Step out of the office and into the calm of the natural bush landscape! This wonderful room is light and airy and can be divided as necessary.  Great for seminars, presentations, workshops, exercise groups, meditation,  formal or informal meetings.

Light & Airy

A beautifully light and airy room surrounded by the landscape of the remaining grounds of Sinofield on Darug land. A door that opens onto the outdoor area, expansive seating, this room is great for workshops, dance and exercise classes, meditation and so much more.

Theatre Royal

Drama can be a powerful tool for team building in a corporate environment because it promotes effective communication, empathy, and collaboration among team members. Through drama activities, individuals have the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, develop their creativity, and improve their public speaking skills.


Archery is a precision sport that involves using a bow to propel arrows towards a target. It requires focus, technique, and strength. Archers must master their aim, draw, and release to achieve accuracy. Archery has a rich history spanning centuries and is enjoyed as both a competitive sport and recreational activity worldwide.

Darug Learning

Learn the history & culture of the traditional custodians of this  land and be enlightened about nature and it’s connection to us. Darug elder, Chris Tobin takes you through the culture and practices of local Indigenous community…

Mindful Moments

Walking amidst nature helps find solace. Each step can anchor a person or team to the present.  It’s where senses are attuned to the rustling leaves, the soothing breeze, and the earth beneath their feet. In mindful harmony, nature’s embrace can rejuvenate  the spirit, fostering peace, clarity, and a profound connection to the beauty that surrounds you.

Outdoor Activities

No need to even leave the property, with a football field size area a part of the accommodation.  Great for team games, morning meditations, an alternative for workshops in the natural surrounds and so much more.

Star Gazing

Engage your team in a captivating journey through the cosmos, fostering unity and wonder. Peer into the night sky, identify constellations, and share stories under a celestial backdrop. Star gazing combines teamwork, curiosity, and inspiration, forging bonds that transcend the earthly realm. Unleash the power of the universe to strengthen your team.

                            Private Areas

Throughout the property there are private areas for open discussions, challenging and emancipating conversations and time out for being present and focussing on what needs to be achieved by individuals or team members. 

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