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BMHE Chinese Culture Day

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BMHE Chinese Culture Day On the morning of May 3, 34 parents and classmates from the Blue Mountains Home Educators (BMHE) came to the Blue Mountain Camp in Sinofield. Everyone experienced Chinese cultural activities, including: Diabolo, a tea ceremony, calligraphy, making dumplings and a dragon dance. Although the students ages vary, from 3 to 14 years old, everyone actively cooperated with the cultural events.  Each course ran smoothly, and the event was successfully completed. It was also great to see the parents be involved in these activities. Upon leaving, everyone thanked the staff at Sinofield and expressed a very happy and meaningful day!

Chinese Culture Course – Diabolo, first lesson was "Playing Diabolo". When you entered the classroom, you noticed the Diabolo, which was brightly arranged on the table, and suddenly filled with interest! After learning some basic knowledge of Diabolo, everyone picked the colour they like and practiced it carefully. To inspire everyone's potential, Mr. Feng also promised to reward the best student! Everyone was more motivated at once, and they improved a lot in an instant. The classmates who were finally rewarded, smiled and smiled, holding the Diabolo!

Chinese Culture Course - Tea Ceremony After the activity, everyone started the second class - the tea ceremony. The various tea ceremony tools made dazzled the students. Everyone closely considering the use of each tool, teaspoons, tea leaks, fair cups, etc. Everyone can admire the Chinese tea ceremony! Mrs. Du, the instructor of the cultural class, showed the Wenxiang Cup to everyone, but the use of the Wenxiang Cup remained mysterious. When she went to perform the tea ceremony, everyone was enlightened from her movements.

Chinese Culture Course - Calligraphy After the tea ceremony, everyone tasted Chinese flower tea, ate Chinese snacks, and started a calligraphy after a little rest period. Although everyone is not familiar with Chinese characters, they have gradually learned a little from the evolution of the word "马". Also keep in mind the rules of Chinese characters: from top to bottom, from left to right. When I finally used the ink, I had perfect control! Several classmates were even deeply fascinated by writing large characters, and they refused to leave the calligraphy classroom. I believe that this cultural experience is a great first step in learning Chinese and Chinese culture!


Chinese Culture Course - Dumplings

Although the calligraphy class makes everyone's minds set on their work, the arrival of the dumpling class still makes the students excited! The parents of the same excitement. After learning the skills of suede and dumplings, “sneaked” to our cultural course instructors teach how to “make the stuffing and knead dough, we hope they plan to continue to make dumplings after returning home. This is what Sinofield hopes to see: let more people experience real Chinese culture and enjoy Chinese culture!

Chinese Culture Course - Dragon Dance

After lunch, the long-awaited dragon dance class began. Everyone has seen two "extraordinary" dragons frequently in the morning "circling" outside the classroom, and they are looking forward to it all day long. All students and parents are divided into three teams, namely Dragon Master, Flame and Ash. Every student is listening to the cultural drums while instructor Feng explains the basic points of the dragon dance. Everyone hopes that their team will win the first prize in the dragon dance competition! The process of practice is constantly laughing and fun. Although the three teams are competitors, they always help each other and encourage each other. The final game was fierce, and the Dragon master team won the first place.

Sinofield would like to sincerely thank the parents and students of BMHE for their active cooperation in the activities and making this an enjoyable experience for all. We will continue to improve and hope to introduce more and better Chinese cultural projects to teachers and students so that all can benefit. All interested schools are welcome to contact us at any time. We will try our best to design and arrange the corresponding activities according to the needs of your school. I sincerely wish all teachers to succeed in Chinese education! I also wish all students to make continuous progress in Chinese learning! SCC (Sinofield Culture Centre) is the result of joint research and development between Sinofield and CLTANSW. It aims to establish a Chinese training base, promote Australian Chinese education, and provide a new stage for Chinese teachers.

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