Bracelet Making











Bracelet making has evolved from the traditional art of sewing and knotting, now characterised by today’s handmade decoration.

You will learn how to make a traditional Chinese bracelet, with the influence of modern supplies but ancient techniques.

Duration: Variable

Age: All ages

Suitable for all skill levels.

Includes all equipment & guided instruction.

Minimum of four people per session.


Learn how to master one of the six ancient arts, used for hunting, sport, rituals and examinations. A traditional skill fused with modern technology and guidance. 

Dragon Dancing

Learn how to control this nearly 10- meter-long beast with team work and communication. Understand how this imaginary creature has become the Totem of Chinese culture.

Tea Ceremony

Discover the selection of tea leaves, techniques of brewing, and the art of tea sets. An elegant ritual, illustrating the Chinese philosophies of calmness, peace and friendship.