Diabolo has a long history in China. It is a popular sport, which originated in China at least 600 years ago.

Using both hands, you will learn to hold the rod while shaking the Diabolo in order to perform a range of tricks.

Enjoy learning this new skill to impress any crowd, perfect for small or large groups!

Duration: Variable

Age: All ages

Suitable for all skill levels.

Includes all equipment & guided instruction.

Minimum of four people per session.

Chinese Chess

The King cannot walk out of his castle, and there is no Queen.

Learn to play Chinese chess and compare the cultures of east and west.


Paper Cutting

A form of folk art using scissors or a carving knife to cut patterns on paper for decoration to make a beautiful keepsake.



Learn how the brush and ink are made in a traditional way and use this ancient technique to make a beautiful keepsake.