Dragon Dancing

Dragon dancing is a traditional Chinese entertainment which usually welcomes in the New Year. Here, we offer you a chance to participate in this rich tradition at any time throughout the year!

Featuring a 1-hour dragon dancing experience, you will be guided through the traditional movements, a form of cultural celebration to round out your time at Sinofield.

Perfect for larger groups to bond & enjoy!

Duration: 1 hour

Age: 10 years & up


Includes equipment and safety briefing. 

Suitable for groups of 10-12 people.























A popular sport, which originated in China at least 600 years ago. Learn to hold the rod while shaking the Diabolo in order to perform a range of tricks.

Ink Painting

Explore one of the oldest artistic traditions still practised today, paint beautiful images with a brush dipped in black ink or coloured pigments, most commonly on silk or rice paper.



Learn how the brush and ink are traditionally used and experience this ancient technique to make a beautiful keepsake.