Paper Cutting

Chinese Paper-Cutting is a form of folk art that uses scissors or a carving knife to cut patterns on paper for decoration.

Explore this unique art form – a process which allows you to bond with your fellow creators, synthesising the Chinese philosophies of calmness, peace and friendship.

Duration: Variable

Age: 5 years and up

Suitable for all skill levels, but only for children who are old enough to use these implements safely.

Includes scissors, paper, other supplies & guided instruction.

Minimum of four people per session.

Ink Painting

Explore one of the oldest artistic traditions still practised today, paint beautiful images with a brush dipped in black ink or coloured pigments, most commonly on silk or rice paper.

Dragon Dancing

Learn how to control this nearly 10- meter-long beast with team work and communication. Understand how this imaginary creature has become the Totem of Chinese culture.



Learn how the brush and ink are made in a traditional way and use this ancient technique to make a beautiful keepsake.